Article: On Playing Games ‘Wrong’

I wrote an article about about playing video games the ‘wrong’ way for Prose on Demand.

I love playing Grand Theft Auto. (I could also spend hours critiquing Grand Theft Auto, but that is a discussion for another time.) I play a lot of GTA V. But I don’t really like playing the campaign and I definitely have no intention of ‘beating’ it. So what do I do? I drive taxis. I drop off my customers, get paid, and try not to kill anyone.


I have been playing games this way for my whole life. I think it started with Mario Kart for SNES. I would set up the battle mode for two players, but not invite anyone else to play with me. Instead, I would put one controller to the side and spend hours on my own, jumping in and out of the pools of water between the battleground.

You can read the full article here.

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